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13 Авг 2017
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Ответ официального разработчика барпа 2600 о разнице, между версиями с и без железного ревербератора:

In the development of the B2600 the idea for the Blue version came up. The one upgrade AMSynths suggested in the electronic design was better caps in the filters as the rest of the circuits worked really well, I had already corrected the original ARP errors. Initially this was about using SMD PPS caps, as used in the Poly D, but this is a different PCB footprint size so you cant have both, and we all wanted one PCB to keep costs down! So the idea was implemented as SMD caps but with a parallel THD for the Blue and Gray. This means nice polyester caps can be used, with an improvement in sound. Behringer have a great supply chain and the components are excellent. However I suggest replacing with 1% polyproylene Wima caps as it will open up the sound further and improve the resonance edge. Happy to answer any questions about this collobartion between Behringer and AMSynths. ☺
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