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Verda Lumo

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23 Май 2009
VPS Avenger 1.5.6. Update

1.5.6 changelog:
- new: changing or modulating the legato mode in a pitch module will not stop the active voices of an OSC using that module. The voices are retriggered instead
- added: File-Browser using arrow keys up/down plays the sample preview now. Right arrow loads the sample to the current active OSC (of an active OSC Tab or the selected drum slot if the DRUM Tab is active)
- added: Guitar loops are working with first-note trigger correct now. If another OSC starts the first note out of the range of the Guitar-OSC, the guitar sample would start on the correct beat-position as soon its triggered
- New Copy/Paste Module mode. Its now possible to copy a module from one preset into another. Previously after loading a preset/initialize the copied data in the clipboard was lost. You can also copy a module from one instance to another instance of Avenger
- optimized DrumSeq ROLL Mode: "reverse Sample-EndSync". Now working like a dream: SampleStart/End is now taken into account. Slot pitch or individual drum note pitch also affects the start position and left neighbor events will also be taken into account and offseting the start position, so the reverse ALWAYS ends correctly on point, no matter what.
- fixed: CombKey filter issue where changing the "damp" Value while a note is activate did not work correctly
- fixed: switching a granular samples in the OSC browser while playing a note on that OSC will keep the envelope position on the correct synced location instead of retriggering the envelope (which lead to unsync behavior between other playing arps)
- fixed: wavetable overlay over the keyboard will be visible or not, now corresponding correct to the overlay-switch on/off setting after preset load
- fixed: preset search filter "ARTIST" - artist is now listed correct for preset saved with 1.5.x
- fixed: modulating the VINT Filter - Filter MOD: Parameter is now displayed correctly
- fixed: issue with wrong end-value in "oneshot" mode for the wavetable-envelope
- fixed: expansion sorting issue in soundbrowser
- fixed: ARP display beat-index lines are listening to the speed modulation and will display triplet-beat when modulated from a normal beat correctly now
- fixed: note hang when activating/deactivating chorder-voices via macro buttons when the OSC used an ARP
- fixed: drumkit AUX output "click" sound when triggering notes too fast
- fixed: click sounds when using oversampled FM on note-start
- fixed: issue with cursor key in the sound-browser when the arp was visible
- fixed: OSC endless sub: when a note is held, changes of the octave/switch key are live audible now
- fixed: issue with wavetable envelope sequencer and first note. the sequence was reset on a new note when the SYS-Page speed change mode is set to "JUMP"
- fixed: poly legato mode when using note-connection in ARP
- fixed: note hang when using legato and triggering note via midi keys and internal keyboard
- fixed: wavetable "first-note" trigger when using a pattern sequence in the wavetable envelope
- fixed: missing notarization in macOS X installer
- added: Resampler editor custom wavetable size accepts now much finer values: decimal values up to 3 digits (for example 1024.123)
- fixed: issue with random tri LFO first value when using the offset parameter - wrong range values were possible
- fixed: issue with the "default settings" for ARP and StepSQ when there is no "default Preset" available in the settings folder for the module
- fixed: drum sample envelope showed wrong ms time information on the envelope points
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20 Июн 2017
VPS Avenger Update 1.5.7 changelog
- fixed: other samplerates than 44.1 could lead to hanging notes. This is fixed now
Spire Synthesizer update to v1.1.17 (2020.05.03 01:32)
+ Added drag and drop modulation signals assignment:
Quickly configure your routing without surfing the interface menu.
* Fixes ARP hanging notes
* Fixes for Cubase 10.5 (GUI)
* Stability improvementshttps://vk.com/video-55980739_456239026?list=a2adb784d0ce5f8420


современный монах
8 Окт 2006

  • Compatible with Mac OS Catalina
  • More efficient and lower CPU usage
  • Cubase 10.5 and AVID VENUE bug fixes
P.S. Аппетит ему действительно урезали в 2 раза, очень советую обновиться владельцам. Наконец-то, спустя 4 года его можно использовать как рядовой компрессор. Интересно, через сколько веков завезут опто режим.
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6 Ноя 2004
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Just a quick note about the MASSIVE X 1.3 update, which is out now.
Firstly, crashing issues related to the new LOGIC PRO X 10.5 update are now fixed, so you’ll be good to go again.
As far as the fun stuff is concerned, you’re in for a real treat:
The new update includes 20 new presets, and 50 new noise tables (25 loops, and 25 one-shots). You can also import your own samples into the noise module – time to put your field recording collection to good use!
We’ve also added parameter readouts and, as usual, have swatted a few bugs.


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30 Дек 2006
Ignite Amps обновили бесплатный PTEq-X 1.1.1

  • Added Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina compatibility (32-bit version dropped).
  • Removed PEQ1A output noise when turning knobs quickly.
  • Fixed wrong MEQ5 Mid Cut potentiometer type.
  • Fixed bug causing the VST3 plug-in to not initialize correctly on some hosts.
  • Minor bugs fixed.



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17 Май 2006
Version 4.6.2 Release Notes (June 3, 2020):
Please note: Studio One 4.6.x will be the final version supporting Windows 7 / 8 and
macOS 10.11 El Capitan / 10.12 Sierra.
New features and improvements:
● Improved ARA chord integration (Melodyne 5 compatibility)
● Added Quantum 2626 Device Template
● [Ampire] Audible pop on instantiation
● [Ampire] Loud click when switching thru Wah models
● [Melodyne] Crash when using "Copy Song Data to Note Assignment"
● [Presence XT] Sample start modulation shifts loop start as well
● [Windows] Slow redraw moving less than 51 items
● [Windows] Crash on duplicating / moving / replacing arranger sections
● [Windows] Fat Channel Plug-ins not working on certain systems
● Multi Instruments w/ NoteFX missing Fader/Inserts when recalled
● Pattern Part "Variations" are not recalled correctly
● Automation not responding on scroll wheel in Pattern Melodic Mode
● Menu item "Assign in ascending order" should not appear pipeline's port menus
● Redraw problems in Scratchpad timeline
● Potential crash on playback when an audio event has an invalid length or offset
● "Tab to Transients" doesn't work in .multitrack files
● VST2 plugins do not report key switches
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15 Дек 2006
UVI Falcon 2.0.8

What’s new:
- EXS handling fixes
- Optimization in Waveshaper in case of default knee
- Fix regression regarding Windows DPI
- Enable async drawing on OSX Core Graphics renderer
- Handle sustain pedal in Step Line and Polyphonic Seq
- Fix possible out of range note in MIDI Player
- SFZ handling fixes
- Fix position spread on boundaries in IRCAM multi granular
- Fix possible soundcard regression on Windows in standalone version

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23 Июн 2008

Пришло письмо на почту, что скоро будет обновление. Коснётся и бесплатной версии тоже (изменится диапазон доступных нот).

Verda Lumo

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23 Май 2009
XO - 1.2.0 updates (June 16, 2020)

  • . Or, “to the end of space” really. They used to have a limit of 15 samples
    Infinite similarity list
    The similarity list in the Space page is now significantly wider The dots on the beginning and end are faded out (to hint that you can drag/step left/right) You can hold down [Shift] to jump +/- 5 steps instead of one. This is true for the arrow keys on your keyboard as well as all "prev / next" buttons in the UI; in the similarity list, the left panel, and on the kit "blob" bottom left.
    Shift jumps
    There's now a "go back to beginning" button.
    Go Back Button
    Refresh Similarity List” has a new keyboard shortcut: Mac: [Cmd] + [Left Arrow] / Windows: [Ctrl] + [Left Arrow] (This used to be [Shift] + [Left Arrow], but we've remapped that to jump 5 steps instead)
    [*]Optimizations Filtering responsiveness is much improved. Filtering now happens "live" while you're dragging the sliders around (This also applies to the “Live Filter” mode).
    Live filters
    Much lower memory usage for large sample databases Faster scanning for very large databases Start-up time has been improved
    [*]Windows: Support for HiDPI monitors on Windows (in hosts that support it). XO will look sharper than ever!
    [*]The prev/next buttons in the "left panel" are now only visible on hover over slot. We've also added a "lock" button there (also exclusively visible on hover) for easier access of locking samples.
    Prev Next hover

    [*]Export: Tempo BPM is now included in the filename when you export beat/stems.
    [*]Sample Folders: Added button in window to open a sample folder in Finder/Explorer
    [*]Samples on disabled domains no longer show up in space or the filter count
    [*]Pro Tools: Fixed issues with “MIDI sync to host” in sample rates above 48khz
    [*]Misc tweaks and improvements
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20 Июн 2017
All Kilohearts Plugins Updated to v1.8.5
главное - vst3 для всех плагинов и Unison modes для Phase Plant


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17 Май 2006
Mercuriall Euphoria обновилась до версии 1.1
Информация со страницы вк:
Мы выпустили бесплатное обновление 1.1 для Euphoria!

Версия 1.1 содержит два новых модуля: графический и параметрический эквалайзеры, дающие пользователям Euphoria еще больше контроля над звуком.

Вы уже пользователь? Тогда бесплатное обновление уже доступно в Вашем личном аккаунте Mercuriall на www.mercuriall.com. Перед установкой версии 1.1 мы рекомендуем удалить текущую версию плагина.
Еще не определились? Тогда самое время скачать демо версию и протестировать всю прелесть эквализации. Не забывайте, Вы все еще можете успеть приобрести Euphoria по отличной цене!

Графический эквалайзер, который был смоделирован с использованием аналоговых RLC-фильтров, расположен перед усилителем. С его помощью Вы можете сформировать звук до того, как он достигнет предусилителя, обрезая или усиливая 9 фиксированных полос. Регулятор «Gain», в свою очередь, может быть использован для подъема уровня сигнала на входе усилителя, что дает еще больших возможностей для формирования звука.

Параметрический эквалайзер студийного класса с 8 полосами расположен после кабинета. Он поможет Вам идеально вписать Ваш звук в микс. Используйте встроенный анализатор для визуализации АЧХ , особенно в тех местах, где это требует повышенного внимания. После этого Вам останется только настроить параметры low/high cut, low/high shelf и bell, чтобы довести звук от отличного до идеального. Разверните окно EQ, чтобы увидеть даже самые маленькие нюансы.
  • New: Graphic & Parametric equalizers
  • 2D cab based on Redwirez© IRs
  • New interface philosophy, intended for future plugin unification
  • Preamp and power amp can be turned off independently
  • Standalone version
  • Built-in studio quality tuner

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