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26 Окт 2004
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Update Digital Performer 11.1

Enhancements introduced in version 11.1

Enhancements and optimizations

  • Instrument tracks can now contain MIDI events directly.
  • QuickScribe: slur tool, text articulation tool, graphical selection/deletion of articulations, score-specific page scaling factor.
  • Added a new MIDI event type to support intuitive editing of registered controllers (RPNs) and assignable controllers (NRPNs).
  • Optimized meter drawing to improve performance during playback, especially on Windows.
  • Sped up opening files and switching chunks in projects containing large numbers of audio tracks.
  • Various optimizations.
  • Improved MCU Single Fader automation mode toggle handling. Pressing an automation mode toggle now immediately sets the automation mode for the "selected" track, or whatever the last known selected track was (if there's no currently selected track).
  • Improved chunk list alignment for better consistency at different list font sizes across Mac and Windows.
  • Allow "pick a track" dialogs like the one associated with the “Track Record Enable” command (control-shift-R) to select tracks above 99 with numeric entry.
  • Merging tracks by channel will now move data to the instrument track if it's part of the selection.
  • Attempt to read incorrectly-written format-1 Standard MIDI files which contain track MIDI in the conductor track instead of a dedicated conductor track. This fixes a behavior where MIDI files from MuseScore would be missing data from the first track.
  • View commands for tracks containing soundbites or notes now also check inside of clip events.
  • Allow "move audio effect plugin automation with soundbites" to be turned off while keeping "All" selected in the filter pane. This allows quantizing of automation data.
  • When using an Articulation with a channel output, all midi events that use channels will be played on that channel instead of just notes.
  • Switched edit style for MIDI mute in the sequence editor from "blobs" to "ramp" (like audio mute).
  • Fixed a Windows bug that would cause certain movies not to play back when started from the beginning.
  • Fixed a bug causing repeat markers not to show up on certain track configurations in the QuickScribe Arranged Score view.
  • Fixed an issue where users without the MSVC++ 2012 Redistributable may be unable to use the LAME library when exporting audio.
  • Fixed a potential bug caching VCA data in the ContinuousDataEditor.
  • Fixed a bug where clips would sometimes fail to play if playback started during the clip.
  • Fixed a bug causing track fader colors on Launchpad controllers not to reflect on the device until the fader value also changed.
  • Fixed a Windows bug causing certain UI elements not to draw correctly immediately after changing the UI scale factor on Windows, unless the window is reopened.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that could occur in the Marker list window with certain font sizes.
  • Fixed a Windows issue causing certain text labels to not vertically center themselves correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing chunks and V-Racks to not always match with the Chunks window order on control surfaces, when in "Show All Tracks" mode.
  • Fixed a bug where notes starting outside a clip wouldn't get chased when starting playback inside a clip.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when closing an event list tab in the consolidated window.
  • Fixed a bug where file IO would try to get midi parameters from a track automation control target. This fixes an error opening some projects.
  • Fixed a crash in the Articulation Map Setup window.
  • Fixed a bug in the Automation Snapshot dialog on Windows which incorrectly referenced the "Command" key.
  • Fixed a bug where soundbites would disappear when switching mixes with automation snapshot data.
  • Fixed a problem where the clippings manager could throw an exception during file opening.
  • Fixed some stuck note problems that could occur when muting a track during playback.
  • Fixed some rare crash problems related to expanding the set of automation types.
  • Prevent sounding notes on a MIDI track from getting cut off when the track is being soloed.
  • Fixed a bug where the bank numbers for patch events weren't showing up in the Event List.
  • Fixed the tooltips background color to make them readable in Dark mode.
  • Fixed MIDI input in the Split Notes region window.
  • Fixed a bug in the MCU Single Fader plugin which would cause no tracks to be accessible without one or more tracks selected in DP.
  • Removed minor optimizations involving channel usage to work around bugs in CoreAudio that were preventing some combinations of audio hardware from working correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when switching Track Color Palettes in an old project.
  • Fixed a DirectWrite-related bug causing certain text labels to draw at the wrong position when first initialized on Windows.
  • Fixed crashes related to editing soundbite events.
  • Fixed a bug in the Chunks window causing the song select number value to overflow its column at higher list font scale values.
  • Fixed a bug where recording notes in overdub would retrigger notes in the track.
  • Fixed a crash when showing an instrument track’s EQ graph in the Mixing Board.
  • Fixed a case where non-selected notes could be played at the start of auditioning.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when receiving invalid midi data.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the selected text rectangle in certain text edit panes on Windows, such as the clip parameters pane.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when duplicating track layouts.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent midi learn and range-trim automation modes from working.
  • Fixed a problem where, when stopping, pre-gen automation values would not stay at the current automation point but jump back to a previous value.
  • Fixed a bug where muted notes would be played if playback started in the middle of the note.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reading bad clipping files.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the phrase blocks for MIDI in the tracks overview to not include all track note data.
  • Fixed a bug where windows could refer to the wrong chunks when opening a project.
  • Fixed a bug where MIDI controllers were duplicated during record.
  • Fixed a bug where the reassign continuous data region command wouldn't reassign midi controllers to other midi controllers.
  • Fixed a memory leak in QuickScribe.
  • Fixed a bug where a video hardware driver throwing exceptions would prevent the movie window mini-menu from functioning.
  • Fixed a bug causing longer text articulations to sometimes display repeatedly if one or more empty measures separate a block of notes with the same text articulation, instead of displaying until a change is detected.
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause certain articulation editing operations in QuickScribe no longer match to correctly against the articulation map if the user had previously edited the slot to which a note was assigned.
  • Fixed a bug where editing conductor track data would cause that data to disappear from the event list.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Frames counter to read 59:59:xx instead of 1:00:00 when you rewind to the beginning of the sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting as a midi file would not include the articulation keyswitches
  • Fixed a reference leak in the VST3 support which could trigger a crash on exit in certain VST3 plugins. Fixes NI Kontakt VST3 crash-on-quit.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Click Defaults pane on Windows.
  • Mitigated a precision issue with the QuickScribe cursor that could cause a mismatch between the note insert cursor position and the resulting notes at certain combinations of zoom and UI scale level.
  • Fixed a QuickScribe alignment issue causing note stems on beamed stem-up note to not always align precisely at certain zoom levels.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug involving the "solo front-most editor" feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the Merge by Channel command would try to merge conductor track types.
  • Fixed a bug causing MIDI track meters not to display on EUCON surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug causing text editing shortcuts not to work in some text panes - addresses an issue where the track selector filter would not allow cut/copy/paste shortcuts in the popped-out QuickScribe window.
  • Fixed ramp event density popup in Audio Plug-in prefs.
  • Fixed a EUCON bug causing track level meters to behave erratically after changing the output format on an existing track that is currently visible on the control surface.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could occasionally occur when opening projects.
  • Fixed a bug where midi tracks created with "Add Instrument Track With Options" would not respect the custom midi track color preference.
  • Fixed a Windows bug where text rendering objects were being leaked which could lead to a crash. The repro case involved the sequence editor and audio recording.
  • Fixed a bug causing accidentals in QuickScribe chord symbols not to show up correctly in the event list.
  • Fixed a bug where a midi track's default patch wouldn't be played at start of playback.
  • Fixed a bug causing random characters to appear at the beginning of ASIO input and output channels on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Switch Staff" in QuickScribe from modifying notes containing per-note data, whether newly recorded or penciled in.
  • Fixed "poly" mode on the MIDI Arpeggiator and Echo effects.
  • Fixed the rhythm of MIDI Arpeggiator and Echo effects to be more aligned relative to patch-through notes.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resetting the control panel preferences to defaults.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain QuickScribe text and symbol objects to become invisible while dragging on Windows.
  • Stop the quantize region op from erasing volume automation from aux and instrument tracks.
  • Prevent a bad behavior on Windows where certain types of non-critical errors raised from worker threads would trigger an alert/error dialog that endlessly reopens after being dismissed, blocking the user out of DP and forcing them to manually kill and restart DP. Any such errors will still create an alert dialog, but dismissing the dialog will now allow the user to continue using DP.
  • Fixed a subtle threading problem that could cause crashes and hangs, especially in high-track-count projects.
  • Fixed a bug where updating playback while stopped could crash on Windows in very large projects.
  • Fixed a Windows bug causing non-critical scheduler errors to be thrown during playback as a generic "-50" error when the system is bogged down, causing playback to stop unnecessarily.
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18 Дек 2011
@drumwizard, Антон, ну что валим обратно в DP? Апдейт титанический
Не думаю)))
Всё думаю для лайвов её использовать, но iTunes хватает)

Проверьте, пожалуйста, они баг с VCA исправили хотя бы?


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18 Янв 2004
@Vadimoka, я не стебусь, список исправленных багов поражает, зная расторопность моту с апдейтами


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7 Янв 2008
Да ладно, быть не может. Я уж думал, что они там решили, что раз у них своя питч коррекция есть, то ара можно не делать
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5 Сен 2006
ребята. есть кто на Windows работает с DP ? не могу понять в чём проблема , иногда (даже при пустой DP) при завершении программы (закрытии) DP зависает намертво :(


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5 Сен 2006
С зависанием с большего разобрался. вернее перестало ) как обновился на последнюю версию . Кто ещё работает в DP ? я только сейчас обнаружил как "странно" DP работает со стретчингом аудио файлов , в частности ударных . Он просто съедает все атаки . Может что то не так делаю. Поделитесь своими впечатлениями пожалуйста .

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