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1 Ноя 2006
На днях получил письмо о вакансиях в 8DIO.com - вдруг кому-то подходит:
(подробнее о вакансиях - щёлкайте по ссылкам)

We will always be grateful to you and our community. You allow us to sample the biggest symphony orchestras and choirs ever recorded. You allow us to create new AI-based instruments in the form of our upcoming Soundpaint technology. You allow us to constantly push the bar for the fidelity of music instruments and advance the field of Ultra Deep-Sampling. We take pride in our craft and know you do too.

In fact we know that our community contains some of the most talented people in our industry - and we would love to extend our invitation to those of you that are currently looking for jobs and new opportunities.

8Dio is currently looking for a passionate and talented individuals to help us grow in various disciplines. We are hiring in the following 6 areas of expertise:

1. Production Assistant

2. Support (Kontakt) Specialist

3. Kontakt Scripter

4. Video Editor

5. Youtube Content Creators (Video Tutorials)

6. Audio Engine Programmer

Send us an email if any of these positions sounds interesting. We are looking for individuals with high drive, energy and motivation. A person that desires to be a part of a small, razor focused and passionate team. We take pride in having a diverse team and support equality. LGBTQ+ and BLM. Everyone is welcome.

Please note all our positions are work-from-home.

Warmly, Tawnia and Troels
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