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Verda Lumo

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23 Май 2009
Вышла 9 версия Acoustica Mixcraft:

Что нового:

Everyone at Acoustica is absolutely thrilled to be announcing the release of Mixcraft 9. It's a true labor of love, built for musicians, by musicians. From it's slick, modern interface, to it's incredibly powerful new effects, instruments, and features, we've upgraded nearly every aspect of Mixcraft, with new visuals, new sounds, and more power than ever.

Improvements Everywhere

The first thing you'll notice is Mixcraft 9's sleek, modern look. The transport and details panels are all individually undockable, and can be placed anywhere around your desktop. The transport can be moved to the top of the software if desired, and the controls can be left-justified, right-justified, or centered.

Mixcraft 9 is loaded with new effects from ToneBoosters. A great sounding reverb, flexible multi-effects, gorgeous parametric equalizer, excellent compressors and limiters, useful de-esser, and a whole lot more await you. Plus, Pro Studio users will find the TB FlX and TB FlX4 multiband EQ/compressors and the new TB Dither plug-in to be truly remarkable tools for mastering.

Automation has been greatly advanced in Mixcraft 9. In addition to curved automation, we've added pitch automation to every audio clip, and a master tempo envelope for creating tempo ramps. All effect and virtual instrument parameters are now controllable by tempo-synced LFOs for awesome musical and rhythmic effects.

The mixer has gotten a major upgrade in Mixcraft 9, with the addition of a number of very useful new panels. The new Gain, Preamp, Compressor, Parametric Equalizer, Spectrum Analyzer, and Oscilloscope mixer panels all add a lot of utility to an already-powerful mixing environment. MIDI users will find a lot to love. There are improvements to the piano roll, including some remarkable new tools for drawing MIDI controller automation. The new step recording features let you build mono and polyphonic pattern quickly.

New Vocoder Tracks make it easier than ever to add electronic vocoder sounds to your project. This has traditionally been a very complex thing to set up in all DAWs, but with Mixcraft, all instruments, effects, and routing are automatically configured. The new Acoustica Vocoder effect is an 11-band analog-style vocoder based on classic hardware, and it sounds great!

The addition of Voltage Modular Ignite to Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio brings the raw sonic strength and flexibility of a massive modular synthesizer to your home recording environment.

A Sonic Playground
This is just a taste of what's new -- there's a whole lot more packed into Mixcraft 9! We encourage you to download a free trial today and start exploring!


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16 Фев 2008
Наверное, стоит добавить, что апгрейд с 8 Про до 9 Про стоит всего 29 уев.


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6 Май 2017
Пользователи Mixcraft, поделитесь своим мнением о этой DAW.
Глючная, стабильная, или не стабильная? Что нравится, что нет? На какую DAW похожа? Есть у неё какие-то интересные фишки?
Или она привлекает простотой? Почему именно её выбрали?


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26 Июн 2009
Я в прошлом году попробовал поработать в Микскрафте и работаю по сей день. Daw интуитивно понятна, это привлекло больше всего. До этого юзал Pro Tools 8,5 и Cubase 5. В ней скорее симбиоз из удобных фишек разных станций, но есть и недостатки. При большом наборе плагинов внезапно при воспроизведение перегружается система и может все зависнуть и вылететь. Маршрутизации не похожа на другие станции. Send возможен только на канал с плагинами типа Send. Короче всего не описать, надо смотреть и пробовать. Там либо зайдёт, либо не зайдёт. Единственная сложность, которую я испытываю сейчас это при работе с большими проектами с множественные плагинами обработки начинает виснуть воспроизведение, когда пытаешься прослушать весь микс в целом... Это для меня огромный недостаток. Заморозка дорожек почему-то ухудшает изначальный накрученный звук.

И ещё нет папок для плагинов, все идёт одним списком по алфавиту...
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14 Апр 2021
Долго открываются VSTi, не нашёл, как удалять ноту из пианоролла, кроме как черезконтексное меню.

Verda Lumo

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23 Май 2009
Mixcraft 10:

  • Updated User-Friendly Interface: more intuitive, customizable, and scalable
    [*]Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks
    [*]Over 7,500 loops, sound effects, and samples
    [*]16 Virtual Instruments and 36 Effects (24 instruments and over 50 effects in the Pro Studio version)
    [*]Vocoder Tracks
    [*]Curved, Tempo, and Pitch Envelopes
    [*]Per-Track Parametric EQ & Oscilloscope
    [*]Live Performance Panel
    [*]Updated Piano Roll, Step Editor, and Music Notation panels
    [*]Video Editing
    [*]New - Integrated Mixcraft Store - additional virtual instruments, effects, loops, presets, drum kits, and more, with new content added regularly
    [*]Improved Plug-In Architecture and Management - Better Search and Organization with an Optional Safe Mode
    [*]Updated Project Start Window with Live Links to News, Videos, and Updates
    [*]Master Tempo Envelope
    [*]Curved Automation
    [*]Gain, Drive, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer Mixer Panels
    [*]Tempo-Synced LFOs For Plug-In Automation
    [*]Rewire Hosting
    [*]New Controller Scripts API for broader support of MIDI control surfaces and devices
    [*]Custom Hot Key Assignments
    [*]Drag-and-Drop Automation
    [*]Track Regions - easily manipulate groups of clips and tracks, including their automations (Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio only)
    [*]Advanced MIDI and Audio Output Recording and Routing (Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio only)
    [*]Natively Integrated Melodyne (Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio only)
    [*]Audio to MIDI Conversion (Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio only)
System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements
  • 64-bit Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 or 11
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • Sound card, USB, or Firewire sound device
Recommended System Requirements
  • 64-bit Windows 10 or above
  • 8GB RAM or higher
  • 3.0 GHz Quad Core CPU or higher
  • ASIO Audio Interface
  • Internet access required for some Pro Studio Plug-ins, Updates, Mixcraft Store
  • Melodyne (Pro Studio Only) requires Windows 10 or above

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